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Little Radical Theatrics, Inc. (LRT)  a non-profit 501(c)3 community theater was originally founded in 2009 as an outlet for stage performers in the tri-state area. Staring as a small theater company for college students, it has since evolved into a recognized non-profit independent theater company for high-caliber performers of all ages producing polished, high-quality community theater in Yonkers, NY.

In August 2009, LRT brought its inagural production, a (sold-out) tenth anniversay staging of URINETOWN, to the Schoolhouse Theater in Croton Falls, NY. Since its inception LRT transitioned from producing solely summer productions to two/three show seasons beginning in 2011.

Since 2011, LRT has produced 24 full-scale musicals, running the gamut from off-Broadway cult classics like "Reefer Madness" to classical musicals such as "Carousel". LRT has produced four Westchester Regional Premieres: Reefer Madness Smile , Andrew Lippa's The Wild Party , and The Addams Family ; and the NY Regional Premiere of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.

Beginning as a roaming theater company, since 2014, thanks to the generosity of the city of Yonkers and the Yonkers Public Library system, LRT has been in residence at the Grinton Will Library on Central Ave in Yonkers.

     LRT's 2016 season was nominated for thirty-one Broadwayworld Westchester/Rockland Awards winning "Best Leading Actor in a Musical" for RENT, and LRT's 2017 season was nominated for thirty Broadwayworld Westchester/Rockland Awards winning "Best Lighting Design" for "The Secret Garden. 

In addition LRT was nominated for Onstage Blog's 2016-2017 Regional Theater awards, with nominations for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical (Brett Popiel in Oliver!), Outstanding Leading Actor in a Musical (John Palacio in Oliver!), Outstanding Director (Michael Mirra for Oliver), and Outstanding Production of a Musical (Oliver).

LRT is also a seven-time recipient of an ArtsAlive Award Grant from ArtsWestchester, Westchester County's Arts Council. 

    LRT's 2019 season, the company's tenth anniversary was our most successful season yet! First up was one of the first local productions of  Mamma Mia! which played to sold out houses! We followed up with our second-ever teen musical "Fame', which featured 30 performers between the ages of 13-24 and was featured on Broxnet TV. Last was the classic musical Brigadoon, which was our most successful summer musical in the company's history! 

Moving into our 2nd decade,LRT's first 2020 production will be the Westchester Adult Community Theater Premiere of "Matilda". Our Spring 2020 production will be LRT"s first play ever: Lend Me A Tenor! Our 2020 Summer Musical will be a 60th Anniversary Production of "The Sound of Music"! 

  We have expanded our programming to produce musicals and now plays that appeal to audiences and actors of all ages, and we have seen the joy that our shows bring to those watching and those onstage.  

   Little Radical Theatrics Inc {Fatima Viegas, Executive Producer} is thrilled to announce the first production of the 2020 season, the Westchester Adult Community Theater Premiere of Matilda! 



Directed by Michael Mirra, Choreographed by Erin Pryor, Musical Directed by Patrick Harris, Stage Managed by Ginny Baisi 



6-8:30 PM 





**FOR AN AUDITION APPOINTMENT PLEASE E-MAIL LITTLERADICALTHEATRICS@GMAIL.COM with your preferred date and time for your audition. AUDITION APPOINTMENTS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Walk-ins will be seen in the order they arrive. Please prepare 32 bars of a song in the style of the show {contemporary comedic musical theatre} and bring sheet music in the correct key as well as a headshot {or recent photo} and resume 

 January 17th-19th {4 performances} at The Grinton Will Library


 will begin last week of October/first week of November and typically run 3 weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons at the Grinton Will Library and at one other Southern Westchester Location TBA. Not every actor will be called to every rehearsal.


 We are seeking actors of all ages, all genders, physical types, ethnicities and abilities who are not afraid to be out there and have a blast onstage! ALL ROLES OPEN!

  Matilda Wormwood – An imaginative girl who is clever and wise far beyond her years. She has a thirst for learning that cannot be quenched. Gender: Female. Mezzo. Ages 8 to 15

  Miss Agatha Trunchbull – The tyrannical headmistress at Matilda’s school who despises children. LOOKING FOR AN IMPOSING PERFORMER WITH INCREDIBLE COMEDIC TIMING OF ANY GENDER! Alto or Tenor. Ages 35-60 

  Miss Honey – Matilda’s kindhearted teacher. She is tired of living in fear under Miss Trunchbull. Classical soprano who is a strong actress. Ages 20-35

  Mr. Wormwood – Matilda’s uncaring father. A slimy, greedy used-car salesman. Baritone with wonderful comedic timing. Ages 25-55

  Mrs. Wormwood – Matilda’s self-absorbed, negligent mother and an amateur ballroom dancer. Mezzo-belter with amazing comedic timing who is preferably a very strong dancer. Ages 25-55

  Michael Wormwood – Matilda’s older brother. He is not very bright and favored by their parents. Baritone. Ages 16-30

  Mrs. Phelps – A nice librarian who is always kind to Matilda. Strong actress with great comedic timing that can also be motherly. May double in the ensemble. Ages 25-60+

  Mrs. Phelps – A nice librarian. Gender: Female  

  Bruce – Matilda’s classmate. He is subject to extreme punishment by Miss Trunchbull.  Ages 8-15. Strong singer and mover with good comedic timing

  Lavender – Matilda’s classmate and friend. Strong actress with a strong voice and good comedic timing. Ages 8-15. 

 The Escapologist – A character in a story Matilda tells to Mrs. Phelps who comes to life in their imagination. Strong actor and good singer with movement ability. May double with other roles and will double in the ensemble. Ages 18-50 

  The Acrobat – A character in a story Matilda tells to Mrs. Phelps who comes to life in their imagination. Strong actor, singer and dancer. May double with other roles and will double in the ensemble. Ages 16-50

  Rudolpho – Mrs. Wormwood’s ballroom dance partner. Great actor and dancer with wonderful comedic timing. Will double in the ensemble. Ages 18-35 


  Doctor – Mrs. Wormwood’s Doctor when she goes into labor with Matilda. VERY strong singer, sings the opening number of the show. Baritenor with strong comedic timing. May double with other roles and will double in the ensemble. Ages 18-50+

  Children’s Entertainer – A party entertainer at the start of the show. Strong comedic role. May double with other roles and will double in the ensemble. Ages 17-75+ 

  Amanda, Nigel, Alice, Eric, Hortensia, Tommy: Matilda's classmates. All have significant amount of lines and solo singing! Must all be strong actors, strong singers and good movers with great comedic timing. Ages 8-15

  Ensemble {Cook, Sergei, Henchman 1, Henchman 2, Henchman 3, Parents, Older Students+ - Actors to play a multitude of featured roles that  include major scenes and solo singing including but not limited to the above. Strong actors, movers and singers with great comedic timing.  Ages 16-75+ 


WINTER  2020

SPRING  2020

SUMMER  2020

Meet the Cast!

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   For more videos of past LRT productions please visit the link below! 

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Photos Of Our  Productions


     We have expanded our programming to produce musicals that appeal to audiences and actors of all ages, and we have seen the joy that our shows bring to those watching and those onstage. However to continue to produce these shows, and to be able to continue our upward trajectory of growth and expansion, we need your support. Ticket sales only account for a very small portion of our income and cannot alone support the rising costs of producing a show.

   Your generous donation goes straight to producing our 2018 season and towards the future of LRT ! All funds go directly towards renting more and newer lights, costumes, set, musicians, rehearsal and theater space rental, helping to pay our wonderful tech and creative teams and all of the other many elements that go toward producing a wonderful piece of theater.  

   As a 501(c3) Non-Profit Corporation, all of your donations are tax-deductible and as a thank you for your contribution your name and/or your business's name will be listed in all of our show programs for the entire season. In addition to our sincerest thanks, any donations over $100 receive two free tickets to one of our productions as well as a full page ad thanking you or promoting your business in one of our programs. Any donation over $200 receives two free tickets to our full season and a full page ad in all of our programs!

We have seen the immense joy, satisfaction, and renewed interest in the performing arts that having an affordable and high-quality theatre company in Southern Westchester area has brought. We have seen our actors and crew become an ever-growing family during rehearsals, and have seen how important having this company as an artistic outlet is to our performers both young and old. We have experienced our patrons leaving our shows saying how impressed they were by the talent and the production quality and promising to rave to their friends thereby causing our audiences to grow and build a dedicated fanbase. And we have seen the children who have come to our shows as first-time theatrical audience members telling their parents how much they loved coming to see live theater. We truly believe we have a very unique and special place in the arts in Westchester, and just want to continue to be able to bring that same interest and love for the performing arts to the area.


   We are so thankful for every donation, whether great or small. Any amount that can be given truly does make a huge difference. Help us to continue to let this little community theater that could grow! 

Donations can be made through our 2018 season GoFundMe link below  or you can send your donation directly to 

Little Radical Theatrics Inc

35 Ardell Rd

Bronxville , NY 10708

All donations can be anonymous! 

Contact Us! 

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